Simplifying Sacroiliac Restoration through Focused Implant and Instrument Design.


SI-Restore® Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System with Nano BioBlast Technology

Nano BioBlast Technology

A process that creates an ideal surface roughness for bone attraction, adhesion, and remodeling. Early attachment and osseointegration of bone aids in long-term bony on-growth, stability, and fusion.1

  • The specific size range and variety of indentations on the surface has been shown to attract BMP’s.
  • Unique treatment delivers a larger surface area for direct bone to implant contact.
  • No coating or barrier that could delaminate and hinder boney attachment.
  • Roughening process utilizes biocompatible HA medium that does not leave behind contaminate blast particles.
  • Macro and Micro roughening processes create the ideal porous surface well suited for sacral bone.
Nano Bioblast Technology

SI-Restore® focuses solely on Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Solutions, equipping surgeons with the ideal implant system that provides integrated SI fixation through a minimally invasive technique with the goal of an optimal patient outcome.

Simplified Instrumentation

Patented instrumentation designed with the surgeon’s ease of use in mind. Fewer steps to complete the SI joint fusion procedure for potentially fewer patient complications.

1. Park PJ, Lehman RA. Optimizing the Spinal Interbody Implant: Current Advances in Material Modification and Surface Treatment Technologies